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Step 5: Attach a cover letter to the questionnaire that reiterates the purpose and the importance of the questionnaire and describes the incentives and confidentiality policies you have established.

You attach a cover letter to the questionnaire, along with a prepaid return envelope. This letter reiterates much of the information in the notification letter, but it also reminds the interns about the incentives and confidentiality. You time your mailing so that the materials are delivered on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The letter reads as follows:

Math Mentoring Project

January 14, 2002

Isabelle Intern
26 Anywhere Road
Smallville, CA 94000

Dear Ms. Intern:

Enclosed is a brief questionnaire from the Math Mentoring Project that asks you about your internship experience for the first semester. All feedback is extremely important in helping improve the preservice intern experience for aspiring math teachers like you.

Your answers to this questionnaire are confidential. You have an identification number, which will be attached to the questionnaires and interviews you complete. Once all your information has been collected, your name will be deleted from the participant list and only your anonymous identification code will be used. The evaluation analysis will focus on summarizing patterns of answers for groups of interns rather than for individuals.

Attached is a check for half of your $100 stipend. We will send you the remainder of the stipend in early summer when you complete a final questionnaire and interview. Also, we will send you a summary of the evaluation findings next fall.

This questionnaire should take about 30 minutes to complete. If you want to talk about the questionnaire or project, please contact me either by phone (650-555-0000) or by e-mail (nancy@youraddress.org). When you finish the questionnaire, please mail it back in the enclosed prepaid envelope by January 23rd.

Thank you again for your participation in this project.


Nancy Smith
Director, Math Mentoring Project