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As an external evaluator of a project funded by a grant from NSF, you are about to conduct an evaluation of the impact of a summer training workshop on teaching practice. The workshop focuses on the use of technology in classroom instructional programs. A large public university offers the workshop, for credit, to middle school teachers in four large districts near the university. The teachers are working toward obtaining permanent teaching certificates. District teachers who graduated from the university were administered a questionnaire to determine eligibility for the workshop. Teachers reporting low comfort and skill levels in the instructional use of technology are eligible for the training. The teachers have completed the eligibility questionnaire a few months before the workshop. The project has been in existence for two years.

Each district gets its own training sessions from different trainers, but the training curriculum is standardized. Your evaluation will focus on the 100 teachers who will participate in the third year. Your evaluation questions are as follows.

  • To what extent are teachers more comfortable using computer technology as an instructional tool since they completed the training?
  • How skillfully do teachers integrate the use of computers into their courses?