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Alignment Table for Report Components

Executive Summary

The alignment table for sound project evaluation reports can be viewed either as a whole, displaying all components, or as six separate tables corresponding to report components: (1) Executive Summary, (2) Project Description, (3) Evaluation Overview, (4) Design, (5) Analysis Process, and (6) Results & Recommendations. See the alignment table overview for a general description of what appears in the alignment tables.

The glossary and quality criteria entries for report components are also available on their own.

Component Glossary Entry Quality Criteria Related Program Evaluation Standards
Executive Summary

Summarizes the purpose of the evaluation, the project goals, implementation, impacts, conclusions, and recommendations.

The executive summary should provide essential information about the evaluation report that is easily understood by stakeholders. It should clearly summarize the purpose of the evaluation, the project goals, project implementation and impacts, and recommendations and conclusions drawn from the results of the evaluation.

U5 Report Clarity
Evaluation reports should clearly describe the program being evaluated, including its context, and the purposes, procedures, and findings of the evaluation, so that essential information is provided and easily understood.

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