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Frequently Asked Questions About Reports

Below are answers to frequently asked question about reports in OERL. Also see the user scenarios for reports as well as answers to more general questions about OERL.

Question Answer

What are evaluation reports?

For EHR projects, the evaluation report presents a description of the project being evaluated, the purposes of the evaluation, the evaluation design, the analysis process, and results and interpretations. The evaluation report specifies the key project goals, whether they were attained, the type of evidence that was used to document project attainments and difficulties, and the results, including unanticipated outcomes.

What are the quality criteria for sound evaluation reports?

OERL presents examples of EHR project evaluation reports that reflect current best practices. Criteria for judging the quality of evaluations and their components are based on the Program Evaluation Standards: 2nd Edition, which represents consensus in the evaluation profession. The quality criteria for sound project evaluation reports are organized into six sections corresponding to report components: (1) Executive Summary, (2) Project Description, (3) Evaluation Overview, (4) Design, (5) Analysis Process, and (6) Results & Recommendations. See the criteria overview for a general introduction to the quality criteria.

What kinds of evaluation report resources are in the library?

The evaluation report materials in the library have been gathered from actual EHR project evaluations. The library presents both excerpts and complete evaluation reports.

What are complete reports?

Complete evaluation reports have been selected, in their entirety, from progress and final reports submitted to EHR. Some evaluation reports are embedded in larger project reports as opposed to being prepared separately.

What are report excerpts?

Excerpts are portions of reports submitted to EHR. They have been selected from complete EHR progress and final reports to illustrate effective and varied ways of presenting particular report components. Excerpts have been selected for six major evaluation report components: (1) Executive Summary, (2) Program Description, (3) Evaluation Overview, (4) Design, (5) Analysis Process, and (6) Results & Recommendations.

How can the resources for evaluation reports be used?

The OERL evaluation reporting resources can be used in several ways: (1) the alignment table, quality criteria, and glossary can serve as references for project PIs and evaluators to check that their reports include the key components of reports, as identified by EHR; (2) material in the complete reports and annotated excerpts can be used as is or adapted to fit the design of a new evaluation report; and (3) the user scenarios can be consulted for reports.

What is in the glossary of report components

The glossary of report components presents definitions of key components of effective project evaluation reports prepared for EHR projects.

What is the alignment table for report components?

The alignment table for report components describes what each report component is (the glossary), the features that make it sound (the quality criteria), and which standards (based on the Program Evaluation Standards: 2nd Edition) should be met that are aligned to it.

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