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Alignment Table for Plan Components

The alignment table for sound project evaluation plans can be viewed either as a whole, displaying all components, or as four separate tables corresponding to plan components: (1) Project Description, (2) Evaluation Overview, (3) Design, and (4) Analysis Process. See the alignment table overview for a general description of what appears in the alignment tables.

  • Project Description
    • Project Features | Project Participants, Audiences, & Other Stakeholders | Project Context
  • Evaluation Overview
    • Evaluation Purposes | Evaluation Questions | Evaluator Credibility | Stakeholder Involvement
  • Design
    • Methodological Approach | Information Sources & Sampling | Instruments | Data Collection Procedures & Schedule | Meta-Evaluation
  • Analysis Process
    • Quantitative Analysis | Qualitative Analysis

The glossary and quality criteria entries for plan components can also be viewed separately.

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