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A consortium of school districts has received funding for the districts' science teachers to participate in a scientific literacy "Newslink" program. The program supplements the curriculum by giving teachers access to constantly updated "Science in the News" modules on the Web. These short modules are designed to promote student interest in science by showcasing new scientific developments and their societal implications. Teachers are encouraged to present at least one module to their students each month.

The teachers are given user names and passwords so they can access Newslink in their classrooms, along with materials and an introduction to the program. They are sent regular e-mails informing them of Newslink developments. All together, 1,000 teachers from 175 schools are involved.

You are a member of the Newslink evaluation team put together by the consortium. In collaboration with the stakeholders (the district administration, the science teachers, the Newslink developers, the hardware providers, and the funding agency), your team is conducting case studies to examine how the modules are being used. In addition, the stakeholders agree that participating teachers should give feedback via a survey after one year. The survey is put together with input from representatives of each stakeholder group. Given the large number of teachers, your team decides that it will be most efficient to deliver the survey using a web hosting service. After the costs of developing and administering the survey, there will be only $500 left for teacher incentives.