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Professional development

Rounding out the library are professional development modules developed to support sound evaluation practices through interactive, self-paced activities. You can use these modules to learn about or brush up on strategies and skills that are immediately useful for designing and conducting your evaluations.

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Professional development modules

1) Module navigation

Each module has a similar structure, with sections that include scenarios, case studies, and references for further learning.

2) Links to resources

Where appropriate, modules draw on examples from the OERL library.

3) Definitions

Pop-up definitions are available for selected evaluation concepts.

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OERL’s professional development modules address key, graduate-level topics in evaluation, providing step-by-step assistance on specific methodologies based on models of how others in the field have carried out evaluations of similar projects. Professional Development Modules currently address Designing an Evaluation and Developing Written Questionnaires. Special attention is given to instrument development, including aligning instruments with project goals and piloting adapted instruments.

The organization of the modules allows them to be used sequentially—as a complement to evaluation coursework—as well as independently to address a specific need. As you move through the modules, you’ll be presented with peer and expert perspectives and detailed steps for decision-making processes. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to assess your understanding, interactively apply evaluation strategies, think about critical evaluation decisions, and find references for further learning.


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