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Project Description

The table below contains report excerpts (right column) accompanied by annotations (left column) identifying how the excerpts represent the Project Description Criteria.

Annotations Report Excerpts

Excerpt 1 [Anonymous]

Project Features:
Lists goals and objectives of the project

Research and Education Activities:

The BB project has two main goals: (1) Provide Materials Science and Technology (MST) training for high-school and community college teachers throughout the nation to allow them to incorporate materials science curriculum into their classes to motivate more students to enter the science and technology fields; and (2) Establish a materials science and technology resource center for students and teachers consisting of websites, multimedia CD-ROM's and hardcopy materials.

To meet these goals, BB has the following primary objectives:

  1. Provide instructors with an understanding of the principles and applications of materials as they used in the manufacturing technology
  2. Introduce instructors to available curricula in materials technology
  3. Enhance and document materials technology curricula as required
  4. Provide instructors with the broad perspective of materials and manufacturing as fields of study and as a potential career for their students
  5. Aid instructors in adapting available curricula modules for introduction directly into courses
  6. Provide a resource center for retrieval of materials curricula, and professional and industry contacts
  7. Enhance cooperation between high schools and community colleges through the development of interactive curricula and joint student projects with industrial mentors to provide a natural linkage between high school and community college for the students.

To achieve the BB project goals and objectives, second year activities have focused on three areas: (1) Establish new partner dsites, (2) Conducting workshops and summer institutes, and (3) Continuing work on electronic and multimedia resources for the ZZ Center.