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Developing Interviews: Administering Interviews
By Alexis Mitman Colker, Ph.D.

This module details the steps recommended for administering and recording a topic-based interview effectively. It is assumed that an interview protocol already has been developed (see Preparing an Interview Protocol). Furthermore, it is assumed that the interview will take place face-to-face to maximize the communication between interviewer and participant and the quality of the interview data. When logistical difficulties make face-to-face interviewing unworkable, then a videoconference or phone interview is the next best alternative, and most strategies in this module still apply.

The objectives of this module are for you to understand:

  1. How to notify a participant about an interview

  2. How to set up an interview

  3. How to establish rapport before the interview starts

  4. How to introduce the interview

  5. How to record information during the interview

  6. How to conduct the interview

  7. How to listen and respond during the interview

  8. How to conclude the interview

  9. How to follow up after the interview

  10. How to prepare quantitative and qualitative interview data for analysis