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This case study provides an opportunity to apply the strategies you just have learned.

Read the following case study. Then answer questions about it in the space provided. Click "View the Answers of Your Peers" if you want to compare your answers with those of other users of OERL. Click "View the Expertís Answers" if you want to compare your answers with those of experts.

Keep in mind that because evaluations are complex tasks, the expertsí analyses are not the only plausible ones that can be made.


Over the past 2 years, teachers in a large elementary school district have received extensive professional development in Math Structures, a program aimed at having teachers add to their teaching of mathematics strategies that promote student understandings that are more constructivist and conceptual (as compared with teaching only computational routines). The district wants to evaluate the effectiveness of the Math Structures program, as well as provide feedback to teachers about their levels of implementation. The district hires a group of consultants to develop an observation instrument, conduct the observations, and analyze and report the findings.